Hot neighbor taking bath

Our neighbors recently moved in from China and they have a hot daughter who would be around 18 years of age. I couldn’t stop staring at her when they were moving in their furniture outside their house.

I loved her size zero and tight body. She had small ass and tiny tits. She looked like she is a virgin and she never seem to have boyfriend and always into studying. I tried to talk to her but she seems to be too shy to talk to anyone. She is also in my aerobics class and she is really good at it. Her perfect body is so flexible. Her ass is small and juicy I suppose like apple.


One day I went inside our neighbor backyard to get a ball we threw accidently. I could see her taking bath through the hole in their window. I was feeling shy but felt the desperation to look at her taking bath. I looked at her removing her clothes and taking off her bra. She had amazing body and small boobs. But they were perfect and I wanted to rub that body with my hand. I could see her standing under shower and touching all over her body. Her wet hair falling on her face and water running through her body turned me on. I could see water running down her lips, those red juicy lips. Running down the neck and on to her boobs. Her nipples were getting hard with water running on them and she was pressing her boobs softly to clean them.

Water falling on her ass and running to the valley between her legs turned me on. She was cleaning her ass and squeezing it. The way she was squeezing it, I could feel how tight that ass could be. My dick started getting hard watching all that and I took it out of my pants while I was standing outside her window.

She took some water and started cleaning between hers. I wish I could take her in my arms and clean that pussy with my tongue. I was already rubbing my dick imagining how I would make her stand against the wall and fuck her in the ass. I could imagine how I could spank her ass while both of us are in shower. Water making my dick wet enough to slide inside easily and me spanking her ass while doing that.

I kept rubbing my dick imagining how I would bend her and pump her in the bathroom. Clean her from inside with my dick and outside with my tongue. She kept cleaning her body and I kept rubbing my dick imagining if I can make her lie on the bathroom floor and pump her their.

She was squeezing her boobs again and again while taking bath as if she was liking it and I wish I could suck them under shower. When she was almost done bathing, she started putting towel on her body and rubbed her ass and her boobs to clean water. I leaked out imagining how her tight ass and tight boobs were moving when she squeezed them. I would have leaked my cum on her face if I had the chance but for now, it was amazing looking at her take bath.

This is  an erotic story for entertainment but it is real story for me. enjoy it.


Hot neighbor taking bath

One Night In The Dance Club

This is an unbelievable experience of mine that happened last week. I’m not a regular at the clubs by any means; I hardly go there, and when I do, I do it with my friends, mostly male, which is what I’m as well, a horny male, seeking female company, and never doing anything about it. I never had a regular girlfriend, and I fucked mostly prostitutes, when the desire to fuck became impossible to contain. The incident I’m about to narrate happened, as I have mentioned before, last week. I had been alone at the home, and it was a weekend. I called a few of my regular friends, and as luck would have it, they all seemed to be bus for some reason or the other. For some reason, I had this tremendous desire to get drunk. I hadn’t drunk in more than a couple of weeks, and I didn’t want to let the weekend go without diving my head into some alcohol at least. I thought for some time, and decided to go at it alone.

I went to the nearest restaurant that served alcohol, and ordered my favorite beer. I was thinking of the past week, and the mistakes I did at work. I didn’t look around much. I never did. But when my first beer finished I looked up for the waiter to order the second one. He was nowhere to be seen, and it was then that I laid my eyes on a young girl sitting alone, just like me, waiting for someone, unlike me. I could see that her patience was running out; and I could feel she glanced at me, or maybe had been looking at me, comparing herself to me, or her loneliness to my loneliness just like I was now doing. Fuck, I thought. I looked at her again, and she smiled. I raised my empty glass in a gesture of cheers. But the glass was empty and I must have looked like a fool doing it. Her smile widened though, and she made a gesture in return, which I couldn’t understand. I raised my eyebrows, praying to god she understood the expression that I hadn’t understood her previous expression. She stood up, and came to me.

“Can I join you?”

“Yes, please.”, I said, understanding now that she had invited me.

“So, waiting for someone?”, she asked. She was sexy, not beautiful, just sexy. Nice tight body, hardly covered, exposed in the right manner.

“No. I’m not. I’m drinking all alone.”, I replied, thinking how much of a loser I must have appeared.

“God. Why?”, she asked.

“Your expression makes it seem like it’s feels worse that it really does.”

“So, basically I was waiting for a date, which took a rain fucking check, and I’m alone, and I want to go out. Club?”, she asked.

“Are you asking me out?”

“How does it sound? I have been staring at you for more than 10 minutes now, and you didn’t notice once. Some man you are.”

“Oh, sorry for that. I was thinking something.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. So fuck it. What’s the best club around here?”

I thought for a while. I knew only one club. I named it.

“Let’s go there.”, she said.

What the fuck was this? I was a little scared. No women ever had asked me out, and I had always believed no women ever would. I was wrong, and I was smiling to myself. I took out my car, and invited her in. I could see her bra straps, her cleavage was amazing. I loved the smooth legs. She was sexy, like I had said before. The entry to the club was easy, and the moment we entered we did 3 vodka shots back to back, so that we would move directly to dance, and not spend time in senseless socializing, and it was good for me.

“So, let’s go and dance some?” she asked, clearly buzzed.


We went to the floor. Now I’m not the best dancer. I just held on to her and let her make the moves. The dance floor was dark, and one couldn’t make out people close to oneself. I held to her. She took my hand and put it on her waist, while she moved around. I went with the flow. I slowly touched her butt. She did not mind.

“Like it?” she asked.

“It’s sexy.”

She cane closer to me, so that I could feel her boobs on my chest. I loved the intimacy of our bodies. We were sweating, and I was getting hornier by the second.

“Wow, you look horny buddy.”, she said, laughing, and getting very very close.

“Of course. You can see how horny.”

She giggled and touched my dick, which of course was hard.

“Wow, that’s like it, I love how it feels. It seems to me it would burst out of your trousers.”

“Yes, I agree.”

We laughed and danced a bit more, but it was clear our minds were not on the dance floor anymore. We were both thinking of sex. She had stopped speaking much herself, and was feeling me everything, to which I was responding likewise.

I kissed her suddenly, and she inserted her tongue inside me and began kissing me like a wild animal. She was really into it.

“Should we take a chance with the washroom or let’s go to the car?” She asked.


“Go check it out, call me when it’s clear.”

I went to the washroom, and stayed there for a while. When it was empty after sometime, I gave her a call, and she quickly came inside. We went inside one of the rooms, and began kissing each other everywhere.

“No sounds.”, I said.

“Hmmm, sure.”

“I raised her skirt and sat her down on the commode. I raised her legs, and spread them on my shoulders, and began to lick her pussy. I had removed her panties, and put them in my pockets. She had laughed at that. She was moaning like a bitch. I licked the outer lips of her pussy before diving deep inside and licking her. Her juices were flowing directly into my mouth, and I loved every second of it. She must have loved it thrice as much. Her hands were on something with a very tightened grip, and she was watching me as if she wanted to rape me. She was crazy excited.

“Come on, fuck me now. I’m wet enough.”


I stood up and turned her around, and opened my zipper. For a while I thought of asking her for a blowjob, but abandoned the thought. I wanted to penetrate her right away.

“Baby, come fuck me now.”, she said, almost pleading.


I thrust my dick inside in one jab, and began to feel the moisture in which my dick found itself. The feeling of every single muscle inside her pussy, grabbing at my dick was beyond expression. I wanted to be like that for eternity.

I began to make gentle strokes, to which she was responding violently. She was moving her ass in a rhythm with my movements. It was amazing. She had turned her head and was looking at me fucking her.

“This is better than a date, thanks for coming.”, she said, between moaning.

“Sure. This is heaven compared to drinking alone. Fuck.”

“Oh, god, I love this.”

“This pussy is fucking tight.”

“It is. You are lucky.”

“Aah aaah.”

“I want you to cum inside me.”


“Yes, and I want you to cum a lot.”

“God, you’re a fucking bitch.”, I said.

We were profusely sweating, and the music outside was making our sounds get drowned a little. In a quiet room it would have seemed like I was murdering her; she was moaning so much.

“Yeah, I’m close baby.”

“I know. I can feel it. I can feel the storm coming.”


“I’m coming as well.”

“Aaaah, here it is.”

“Yes, fill me up, totally.”

“Here you go.”

“Aaaah cum now.”

“There it is baby…”

“Oh god, I can feel the hot cum, flowing in me….and your dick breathing in my dick, jerking emptily. Love it..”, she said, taking her pussy away and turning around to kiss me.

“Now go, and let me clean myself.”, she said.

“Sure. I’ll wait outside.”

I went out and waiting for her. As mysterious as the start was, the end was much more complex. She never came. I waited for a long time, went inside and searched for her, and she was nowhere to be found. I called her, no reply. She was gone. It had seemed like fucking dream, and bloody sexy one at that.

I always remembered this night club story.

One Night In The Dance Club

My Real Adult Story With Sexy Maid

My mom recently hired a young new maid. I suppose her age must be around 15, I asked her once if she is goes to school and she said that she stopped going last year in 10th class due to financial problems.

One day when she came to clean my room I had morning hard on and my dick was visibly hard under my shorts while I was sleeping.She is so innocent and unaware of anything about desperation.


She wascomfortable looking at it when she came inside and kept cleaning. I could see her tight slim body whenever she bends to clean and sweep the floor. Her small ass was visible and within the grasp of my hands but I controlled.

I asked her to close the door from next time while she cleans since I was getting disturbed by noise from outside. She doesn’t speak anything and neither does she nod.


Next day, she again came to my room and closed the door so that I didn’t get disturbed. I had morning hard-on again and I actually wanted her to see it. I could see her ass and slapped it this time. I pretended to her that it was by mistake and I said sorry. I purposefully threw down my blanket and asked her to spread it on me since my hands are paining.

She spread the blanket on me and she accidently kept touching my hard dick while spreading the blanket. It was amazing the way her hands touch my dick everytime she tried to spread the blanket over me. I held her waist, brought her close to me in desperation and could see her scared face while I was lying down. I left her immediately since my parents were are home and asked her to leave.


After a few days, my parents went out of station and like usual maid came early morning waking me up. I started speaking with her and found that she had many financial problems. I offered her 100 bucks and she took it in desperation. Next day morning, I could see that she took real good care of my room and even did stuff that she was not supposed to. I had just broken up with my girl friend and havnt had sex for a long time. I asked her to remove the blanket from me and put another blanket. When she removed the blanket, she found me not wearing my shorts or underwear. She could see my hard dick standing.

I held her waist again this time and asked her to touch it. She held my dick with two fingers and started pressing it. I said put all your fingers around my dick and grab it like u r grabbing a broom stick. Her grasp was amazing and tight just like her body, just like her waist which was in my hands.

I asked her to move her hand up and down and she started getting scared, I told her I will give you 50 bucks if she did that. She even sucked my dick which I asked her to imagine it’s aicecream.

I told her to remove her clothes and sit on me. She started asking, what are you doing and why are you doing this. I told her that this is what adults do and I will give you more money later if she does as I say. I rubbed my dick on her pussy which was surprisingly wet and I could feel the wetness spreading all over my dick while it rubbed the pussy with my dick as she was sitting over me. I tried to put it inside but she started feeling the pain and got off me.

I then pushed her down on bed and spread her legs. I fingered her pussy for a while and she got really desperate, so much so that she started moving her pussy on my fingers. I put my dick again on that wet tight pussy when she was desperate enough and slowly started pushing it inside. I was like something grabbing my dick real hard and grip getting tight as I moved inside her.

I slowly started pumping her and she started shouting coz of pain but she didn’t want me to stop either since she was enjoying it.

I kept pumping that tight pussy for a while in a slow pace so that I can open up her pussy for her. I looked down so check if there was blood but there was none coz she was fucked before. I asked her who fuck her and she said it was her dad until her dad died 2 years ago.

That really turned me on and

I started going in and out faster. She started shouting louder and saying something in her local language but I didn’t care coz all I was to do was fuck that tight pussy. Fuck it real hard and as long asI want.


I kept fucking it while grabbing her boobs and her legs on my shoulders. When I had almost cum, I dropped all of my semen on her boobs and asked her to lick it saying it was healthy for her.

She took it my cum on her boobs from her fingers and put it in her mouth drop by drop.

I fucked her almost for 2 months whenever I got a chance till she left working at out home.


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My Real Adult Story With Sexy Maid