Hot neighbor taking bath

Our neighbors recently moved in from China and they have a hot daughter who would be around 18 years of age. I couldn’t stop staring at her when they were moving in their furniture outside their house.

I loved her size zero and tight body. She had small ass and tiny tits. She looked like she is a virgin and she never seem to have boyfriend and always into studying. I tried to talk to her but she seems to be too shy to talk to anyone. She is also in my aerobics class and she is really good at it. Her perfect body is so flexible. Her ass is small and juicy I suppose like apple.


One day I went inside our neighbor backyard to get a ball we threw accidently. I could see her taking bath through the hole in their window. I was feeling shy but felt the desperation to look at her taking bath. I looked at her removing her clothes and taking off her bra. She had amazing body and small boobs. But they were perfect and I wanted to rub that body with my hand. I could see her standing under shower and touching all over her body. Her wet hair falling on her face and water running through her body turned me on. I could see water running down her lips, those red juicy lips. Running down the neck and on to her boobs. Her nipples were getting hard with water running on them and she was pressing her boobs softly to clean them.

Water falling on her ass and running to the valley between her legs turned me on. She was cleaning her ass and squeezing it. The way she was squeezing it, I could feel how tight that ass could be. My dick started getting hard watching all that and I took it out of my pants while I was standing outside her window.

She took some water and started cleaning between hers. I wish I could take her in my arms and clean that pussy with my tongue. I was already rubbing my dick imagining how I would make her stand against the wall and fuck her in the ass. I could imagine how I could spank her ass while both of us are in shower. Water making my dick wet enough to slide inside easily and me spanking her ass while doing that.

I kept rubbing my dick imagining how I would bend her and pump her in the bathroom. Clean her from inside with my dick and outside with my tongue. She kept cleaning her body and I kept rubbing my dick imagining if I can make her lie on the bathroom floor and pump her their.

She was squeezing her boobs again and again while taking bath as if she was liking it and I wish I could suck them under shower. When she was almost done bathing, she started putting towel on her body and rubbed her ass and her boobs to clean water. I leaked out imagining how her tight ass and tight boobs were moving when she squeezed them. I would have leaked my cum on her face if I had the chance but for now, it was amazing looking at her take bath.

This is  an erotic story for entertainment but it is real story for me. enjoy it.


Hot neighbor taking bath

Fingering inside swimming pool

I recently joined swimming classes. I know swimming but I have never gone in a unisex swimming pool

Girls here come in all shapes and sizes. There are some aunties, some young girl and some hot girls. I was swimming in the water when I realized how I can masturbate inside water by looking at these beauties.

I saw one girl entering the pool one day and was learning to swim, I helped her a bit trying to teach her a bit on how to move legs to swim. I later held her waist while she swim so that she doesn’t drown and that feeling made me a bit horny seeing her move those legs.

After a few days, she started learning a bit and could swim on her own but cannot go to deep water yet.

I told her there is nothing to be scared, I am with you and I will take you to deep water. I was holding her all the while taking her to deep water and grabbed her waist inside water. I lifted her above water by her ass in my hand and told her to move legs to stay afloat. She was learning well and we started getting real close.


I then accidently held her thigh in my hand and grabbed her between her legs. She said, what are doing. I was just helping her. I took her to the corner of the swimming pool and she put her hand around my shoulders to stay afloat. This was when I realized I want to touch that pussy coz she was giving me a hard on.

I gave it a try and touch her pussy inside the panty in the pool. No one could see what I was doing as we were still in water. She said, u r turning me on and held me dick in her hand. She started rubbing it while I was rubbing her pussy slowly. She started coming real close to meet to feel me more and touch her body on my body and we both could feel the heat. She started rubbing my dick fast as I rub her pussy underwater real fast.

She slowly whispered in my ear, put a finger inside my pussy while she squeezed me dick. I couldn’t resist and put two fingers instead. She made aaahh sound right then and others could hear it but luckily no one realized when was happening under water. I said did I hurt you for which she replied “no, take your fingers deep inside me”



She started rubbing my dick real fast and felt my fingers going in and out of her pussy. To make her feel like a dick going inside, I put one more finger inside her vagina which was paining for her but she couldn’t speak much as we were in public.

I had three fingers inside her pussy, going in and out of it real fast and she was enjoying it with her eyes close and resting on the corner of the swimming pool inside water.

She started rubbing my dick real fast and made it real hard inside water. I was about to cum and that’s when I started digging all three fingers real deep inside her.

After 5 minutes of non-stop hot rubbing and fingering her pussy we both came out satisfied from that swimming pool and went to my room.

You know what happens next. Good night 😉

It is my awesome adult story in the swimming pool.  Everybody can enjoy by read this story.

Fingering inside swimming pool