My Real Adult Story With Sexy Maid

My mom recently hired a young new maid. I suppose her age must be around 15, I asked her once if she is goes to school and she said that she stopped going last year in 10th class due to financial problems.

One day when she came to clean my room I had morning hard on and my dick was visibly hard under my shorts while I was sleeping.She is so innocent and unaware of anything about desperation.


She wascomfortable looking at it when she came inside and kept cleaning. I could see her tight slim body whenever she bends to clean and sweep the floor. Her small ass was visible and within the grasp of my hands but I controlled.

I asked her to close the door from next time while she cleans since I was getting disturbed by noise from outside. She doesn’t speak anything and neither does she nod.


Next day, she again came to my room and closed the door so that I didn’t get disturbed. I had morning hard-on again and I actually wanted her to see it. I could see her ass and slapped it this time. I pretended to her that it was by mistake and I said sorry. I purposefully threw down my blanket and asked her to spread it on me since my hands are paining.

She spread the blanket on me and she accidently kept touching my hard dick while spreading the blanket. It was amazing the way her hands touch my dick everytime she tried to spread the blanket over me. I held her waist, brought her close to me in desperation and could see her scared face while I was lying down. I left her immediately since my parents were are home and asked her to leave.


After a few days, my parents went out of station and like usual maid came early morning waking me up. I started speaking with her and found that she had many financial problems. I offered her 100 bucks and she took it in desperation. Next day morning, I could see that she took real good care of my room and even did stuff that she was not supposed to. I had just broken up with my girl friend and havnt had sex for a long time. I asked her to remove the blanket from me and put another blanket. When she removed the blanket, she found me not wearing my shorts or underwear. She could see my hard dick standing.

I held her waist again this time and asked her to touch it. She held my dick with two fingers and started pressing it. I said put all your fingers around my dick and grab it like u r grabbing a broom stick. Her grasp was amazing and tight just like her body, just like her waist which was in my hands.

I asked her to move her hand up and down and she started getting scared, I told her I will give you 50 bucks if she did that. She even sucked my dick which I asked her to imagine it’s aicecream.

I told her to remove her clothes and sit on me. She started asking, what are you doing and why are you doing this. I told her that this is what adults do and I will give you more money later if she does as I say. I rubbed my dick on her pussy which was surprisingly wet and I could feel the wetness spreading all over my dick while it rubbed the pussy with my dick as she was sitting over me. I tried to put it inside but she started feeling the pain and got off me.

I then pushed her down on bed and spread her legs. I fingered her pussy for a while and she got really desperate, so much so that she started moving her pussy on my fingers. I put my dick again on that wet tight pussy when she was desperate enough and slowly started pushing it inside. I was like something grabbing my dick real hard and grip getting tight as I moved inside her.

I slowly started pumping her and she started shouting coz of pain but she didn’t want me to stop either since she was enjoying it.

I kept pumping that tight pussy for a while in a slow pace so that I can open up her pussy for her. I looked down so check if there was blood but there was none coz she was fucked before. I asked her who fuck her and she said it was her dad until her dad died 2 years ago.

That really turned me on and

I started going in and out faster. She started shouting louder and saying something in her local language but I didn’t care coz all I was to do was fuck that tight pussy. Fuck it real hard and as long asI want.


I kept fucking it while grabbing her boobs and her legs on my shoulders. When I had almost cum, I dropped all of my semen on her boobs and asked her to lick it saying it was healthy for her.

She took it my cum on her boobs from her fingers and put it in her mouth drop by drop.

I fucked her almost for 2 months whenever I got a chance till she left working at out home.


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My Real Adult Story With Sexy Maid

Night Out In A Train Journey

I was going to Delhi in a train all alone. I was wondering who would be sitting beside me as I had side lower seat. I found no one boarding the train and I thought this is going to be one boring journey.

It was a boring until the train reached Bhopal at 5 PM. I went to buy some snacks when train reached Bhopal station, andto my surprise I found a girl sitting on my seat when I came back.

Girl naked in train
Night out in a Train

I wiped that devilish smile on my face and sat on the adjacent seat as I didn’t want her to leave. She was wearing skin tight pants and could see how amazing her legs were, I could already imagine myself caressing her from feet to thighs. I could imagine myself squeezing her thighs, and just as I was beginning to get wild in my imagination, the TT came asking me for the ticket for the seat. I told him the seat I was sitting in wasn’t mine; and pointed to the seat the girl was sitting in, gesticulating to him that it was mine.

She realized the mistake and quickly said “Sorry, I didn’t know as this is the first time for me sitting on a train” and I said “that’s ok, I don’t mind you sitting on the seat but the TT does”. That’s when she smiled at me and caught me staring at her boobs. I wanted to ask her “ is your name boobalicious?” since she had these huge boobs hidden inside red top. But I ended up saying “I am Rahul and you?” She said “itsSeema” like she was saying See Me.

She asked “where are you going” I wanted to tell her I wanna go inside you but told her the harsh truth.

I was not 10 PM and people were preparing to sleep. We both started looking outside the window and my feet up on the seat facing towards her and then she put her feet her touching my feet sometimes and I didn’t move my feet. I wanted her to touch my feet with her feet. After a while , she fell asleep and I started bringing my feet close to her feet and touching it. I could feel her tight thighs on my feet and started moving my feet up and down while rubbing her thighs. I was scared but more horny than scared so you can understand why didn’t stop. Sometimes I feel I get more horny if I am in a scary situation.

I started going up on her thighs and that’s when she woke up. She found my leg inbetween her legs and on her thigh. I was like WTF, what do I do now. I thought I could just say I am sorry and go to sleep.

She looks at my leg and put her scarf over her legs practically hiding my leg. She then pressed my feet between her thighs and moved down to feel my feet move up on her. That sent a shock way on my body, you know why? Coz she was wet, I could feel her wetness on my feet. Her wetness reaching out to my feet through those panty, I imagine which color panty and that black pant.

I started rubbing that wetness with my fingers and I could feel her thigh pressing my feet more tightly as if it didn’t want me to remove my leg. I could see her eyes closing while I rubbed that pussy under those pants and her hand reaching to her boobs but yet not squeezing them.

I was wondering WTF do I do now, how can I taste Ms. Boobalicious. Just rubbing that wetness with my feet is not gonna cut it. I decided to take a risk. I immediately removed my leg and stood up. I then started walking toward the washroom hoping she would follow me. I turned back but she was just sitting there. I started going towards the washroom thinking did I just fuck this up. I went inside the washroom and started pissing when I heard someone knock the door. My dick which I just took out for pissing started getting hard hearing that knock knock. I din’t ask who’s there but just opened the door.

It was Seema with big boobs and wet pussy. She stromed inside and held my dick without even closing the door. I closed the door and she sat on her knees and took it in her mouth. Staring in my eyes while taking it in and out of her mouth. My dick could feel her tongue licking it and my put my hand on her head. She took my balls inside her mouth and sucking it. She stood up and said, I want it to be the best train journey of your life and took off her red top. I grabbed those big boobs and started sucking them like a child sucking milk out of mom. Here I was sucking those boobs and she took my hand and put it inside her panty. I could feel my hand dipping into lake of juice. I rubbed that pussy with two finger. Rubbing it round and round, up and down, side way and sometimes taking my finger inside her pussy.

I bent her over took off her pants along with panty and started digging my dick inside her and from behind. She said FUCK ME and that’s when my dick got more hard inside her pussy. Sliding my dick in and out of her and her pussy juice dripping down drop by drop.
I was pumping her rigorously and she said harder. I grabbed her ass and started pumping faster and faster like crazy. Train moving also helped me and she said faster baby, fuck me faster.

She moaned, aaahhaaahh fuck me baby, fuck me all night till we reach delhi. I just kept pumping her and felt my dick getting harder and harder inside her while she was squeezing her boobs and feeling my dick inside of her.

It lasted for 30 mins and when we were done. We went back to seat.

After 2 hours, I felt someone grabbing my dick while I was sleeping and it was seema asking me to come to washroom again and you all know what happened after that. We did it 3 times that night.


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Night Out In A Train Journey