Sex with journalist

I was traveling in the train alone, and there was a girl who had an upper birth. The rest of the place was empty and I was expecting it to fill in the next station. I glanced at the girl every now and then. She seemed beautiful and lost in her reading. I worked in my laptop and forgot about her for a while. But the wagon did not fill up after the next station and I had a feeling we would be traveling alone all night. She seemed a little cautious since we were both alone. I thought I should start a little conversation so that she would feel comfortable.
“Hey there.”
“Hi.”, she said, and looked at me.
We spoke about our travel and what we respectively do. She was a journalist and was going to the office after a long trip down south. It didn’t take us long to settle into a long conversations about our likes and dislikes and our hobbies. We started to like each other and she climbed down and sat beside me. We were unbelievably close, and I was beginning to get excited. While narrating an incident, she stared at me to see my response. I just bent a little and kissed her on the lips, and immediately apologized.
“That’s fine.”, she said, and kissed me back.
Soon, we were rolling on each other kissing each other. We played with each other lips and tongues while I tried to strip her. I opened her skirt and t-shirt and began to suck her boobs. She moaned and breathed heavily. Before the momentum lost, I began to finger her pussy and kiss her on the neck. She began to beg me to fuck her. I smoothly put my dick in her wet pussy and started to hump her. I loved the tight feel of her pussy. She asked me to bite her, which I happily did.
“Oh God, can you bite me?”
I didn’t say anything. I bit her nipples.
I bit her so hard this time that I knew there would be marks on her boobs by tomorrow. I also was fucking her pretty fast. She loved it, every time I moved inside her, she would almost shriek, a shriek of pleasure and a little pain.
It didn’t take me long to cum inside her. We lay side by side all night, exhausted. In the morning we exchanged numbers and promised each other to meet again; and continue what we left in the train.

It was a great Sex Story and I had a great time of my life.

Sex with journalist

Sex with maid Sheila

We are bachelor friends living in a flat. Life is so boring in this new city and I didn’t even have my girlfriend here to fuck her. One day I was so horny and had morning wood. I had a dream last night that I was fucking my company hot HR and had morning wood coz of that

I was sitting and watching TV on a Sunday morning. House maid came inside and started cleaning the room. I could see her cleavage whenever she bends down to clean and sweep. I had my eyes stuck on her cleavage and was imagining them without her clothes. She had this amazing round and big enough for my hands. I just wanted to squeeze them while I am fucking her.

I asked her to get me water bottle from fridge and started thinking how can I talk to her more. I started asking about our home and if she had any problem while working with us. I started asking her about where we can find drugs if possible and ended asking about prostitutes in the area. She didn’t seem any shy of talking about it and she infact told me its possible. I got really horny finding that she is ok to talk about it and may be help me in it. I felt if I could ask her directly about fucking her and may be give her some money in return.

I asked her how to find girls to fuck and how much do they cost. She started asking me how much money you want to give and negotiating with me. I realized that she wants some money and would be interested. I asked her can she do it with me now as I am hard and actually I touched my dick while asking her that. She could see that I was getting hard talking about her and she started staring at it. I asked her if she wants to touch it. She was shy but I took her hand and put it on my dick. She pressed her hand on my dick without removing my pants and started moving her hand up and down. I could feel the hardness as she came close to me and touched her chest on mine. Touched those boobs and pressed them on me. I loved the way my dick got harder in her hand and she was pressing it more as I she also wanted it for long time.


I took off her clothes and pushed her on my bed. Came over her and started kissing her all over her chest, her neck and waist. She felt every moment of it and I could feel her from the way she was moaning and breathing heavily. I went between her legs, put my dick on her pussy and started rubbing her pussy with my dick. That made my dick really hard and covered in her wetness. That rubbing made her pussy really wet and I could see wetness dropping on my bed. I could feel her pussy on my dick and her boobs in my hands when we both were rubbing against eachother.

I could no longer wait and put my dick inside that bitch. I started pumping her vigorously and hurting her. She asked me to slow down but I have been desperate for her body for long to slow down. Instead I went faster and faster. Pushing my dick into her as deep as possible and pulling it out equally fast. She started moaning louder in pain of my dick stretching her pussy like never before and my hands squeezing her boobs while I am fucking her.


I turned her around in doggy position and fucked her while holding her ass in my hands. With every stroke of going in and out of her I would spank her hard till her ass turned red. After fucking her for quite a while in doggy position I leaked it out on her ass and made her suck my dick to clean the cum and clean my dick with her saliva.

I fuck her almost everyday now and pay her enough for her services.

I was happy with maid Sheila. I want to share my sex story with you all. It is the true real story of my life. Enjoy it

Sex with maid Sheila

Sex with My Girlfriend’s Sister

This story is a story about my sexual encounter with my girlfriend’s sister. Her name is Ragini, and this incident happened when she was around 19 years old. I was 27 then, and my girlfriend was of the same age. We worked together in the same office, and were in a serious relationship, and were about to get married. Our families liked each other, and everything was going on perfectly well. I had never really looked at Ragini with a sexual eye, and it never occurred to me how sexy she was. She was slim, and seemed to be blessed with right proportions. It was Sunday morning, and I wanted to surprise my girlfriend with a surprise gift and visit. I decided to go early to the house, and then after offering my gift, take her out for the movie.

When I arrived at the house, there was a long pause before the door bell was answered. And to my surprise it was Ragini who answered the door. What was shocking was she was wearing a t-shirt that came to her waist, and panties below that. She hadn’t made any effort to dress up, and she casually smiled at me, and turned her back to me. The panties were pink in color, and was very small, almost like a thong. I was shocked and for a moment had no idea what to do; whether to go in the house or stay there, or simply go back. I stared at her ass and legs, which immediately gave me a hard on. She was so much sexier than her sister, and I slowly walked into the house, behind her.

“Isn’t she home?” I asked.

“No one is home. They have all gone to visit a temple an hour ago. I don’t think they’ll be back in another couple of hours.”, she said, turning back and looking at me, or so I thought, naughtily.

I didn’t know what to do now.

“So a surprise visit, eh?” she asked.

“Yes. I should have called, I guess.”, I said.


“What were you up to anyway. You don’t seemed dressed at all.”, I said.

“I like it like this at home. Don’t you like my tiny panty?” she asked.

I had no clue what to say. I played along.

“It looks sexy on you.”

“I know. I have been complimented on my ass a lot of times.”

“Justifiably so.”

“So, you like it too.”

“Who wouldn’t?” I said.

She sat down facing me, with her legs spread, so I could see her a little of her pussy. Was she trying to seduce me? If yes, I was game. It was the chance of a lifetime.

“You look great.”, I said, as I sat opposite to her.

“Hmm I know. I like to wear thongs a lot.”

“So, what were you doing?”

“Nothing much, lazing around. You look hot by the way. I always thought you did.”, she said, looking me over.

“Oh stop it. I’m as mediocre as it gets.”

She stood up, came close to me and hissed in my ears.

“No, you’re hot. Often times I imagine how you would look naked.”


“Yes. I can imagine your dick, solid and thick, makes me wet.”

I touched her butt, and squeezed them, just like that. She didn’t flinch, as she was expecting it. She gave herself to me.

She put her tongue inside my mouth and started kissing my like a wild animal. She was sitting on my lap, striding me. I had both my hands on her butt, and we were kissing slowly, wildly and thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

I caught her t-shirt and motioned her hands, so I could remove them. She raised her hand, and in one swift motion I removed her t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing any bra, and I immediately put my mouth on her pink nipples. I began to suck her boobs, while pressing with my hands the other free boob.


“I like this. Suck them harder.”

“Yes. Tight fucking boobs you got here.”


I could feel my dick getting extremely hard, and I could feel her juices flowing from her panties on my thighs. I kept sucking her boobs. By now I had stopped caring about what would happen if my girlfriend got to know about this. It didn’t matter. This was too much pleasure to give up for that relationship. At least it felt so at that specific moment.

“I’m so wet.”, she moaned.

“I’m very hard as well.”, I said.

“I can feel that thick dick on my panties. I love the feel.”

“Can we fuck?” I asked, still not sure if we were going all the way.

“Yes. You want me to suck your dick or go for my pussy rightaway.”

“Pussy, I can’t wait.”

“Let’s go inside.”

She climbed out of my lap, and led me to her room. She opened her laptop, and opened a porn video, where the male is fucking the female doggy style.

“That’s how I want you to fuck me.”, she said, kissing me.

She removed her panties, and bent showing me her nicely trimmed pussy. I took the panties from her, and smelled them, which made her smile.

“This is hot baby.”, I said, as I peeked into her hole, and licked her pussy for sometime.

“Oh god, baby. Fuck me now.”, she said moving her butt as if waiting for my dick.

I took my hard dick out, and rubbed it on her pussy lips for a while, which made her moan in immense pleasure. She kept moving her butt on my dick head. After sufficiently arousing her, I penetrated her. Her pussy was so hot, it elastically grabbed at my dick. It felt like a hot furnace, in which my dick had gone.

“This is heaven, Ragini.”

“It is. I love the thick feeling of your dick.”

I began to make moves inside that burning pussy, which she anticipated and moved herself so that we fucked each other in unison. There was so much hunger in her for sex that it made me fuck her harder. I moved my speed up, and held her hair, so she wouldn’t go too far away; and she enjoyed that.

“Aah, fuck it right there. I can feel your dick ripping my pussy.”

“You like it?”

“Oh you bet. It’s what I have been craving. Aaah.”


“Fuck me, yeah yeah yeah, love this.”, she moaned loudly.

“Oh Ragini, you’re beautiful.”
“Aaah, fuck me, do not stop.”

“Oh god.”, I shouted.

Her pussy seemed to be getting wetter, righter and hotter; and my dick was completely lost inside it.

“Keep at it, Jiju.”, she said smiling wickedly.

“Yeah, yeah.”, I pulled at her hair harder, as I penetrated deeper into the pussy.

“I want you to fuck me like this every day.”

“How I wish, Ragini.”

“Aaah, I’m so wet.”, she moaned, licking her fingers. She put two fingers in her mouth and began to give them a blowjob to arouse me more.

I started fucking her faster and faster, and the pace began to become feverish, lost in our moans and sweat. By now, we were both naked, in sweat and fucking each other like crazy, without a fucking worry in the world. Her insatiable hunger had produced a hungry animal in me, and I loved every moment. I could see her ass contracting and expanding as she moved with my movement, and I loved the sight. I loved her shrieks of pleasure.

“Aah Jiju, god.”

“Loving it?”

“Oh Jiju, yes, every bit. I love the way you fuck me.”


“Yes, marry my sister, so that we could fuck like this all our lives.”

“Yeah baby, now I have a bigger reason to marry her.”

“Yes, Jiju.. I’m yours when you marry her. All my holes Jiju. I’ll suck your dick every morning.”

Oh God. I was in a state of elation I had never experienced before. I was getting really hot, and close to achieving orgasm, and could see she was about to get hers as well.

“Aah aaah aaah aaah jiju jiju jiju.”

“Oh baby, I’m going to give you a gift in your lovely pussy.”

“Aaah Jiju, I want it now.”

“Yes baby, it’s coming.”

“Jiju jiju fuck me, fuck me plz.”

“Yes, Ragini. My dick is exploding now.”

“Give it to me, now….aaaah I can feel it, the hot cum.”

She moved her ass so hard on my dick that the orgasm felt twice as sexy. And she had her orgasm almost at the same moment. I fell on her, and we lay like that for several minutes, not talking. Then, I collected my things, and kissed her; and began to go out. It was a fucking crazy experience.


I always remembered my real adult story with my girlfriend’s sister

Sex with My Girlfriend’s Sister