Sex with journalist

I was traveling in the train alone, and there was a girl who had an upper birth. The rest of the place was empty and I was expecting it to fill in the next station. I glanced at the girl every now and then. She seemed beautiful and lost in her reading. I worked in my laptop and forgot about her for a while. But the wagon did not fill up after the next station and I had a feeling we would be traveling alone all night. She seemed a little cautious since we were both alone. I thought I should start a little conversation so that she would feel comfortable.
“Hey there.”
“Hi.”, she said, and looked at me.
We spoke about our travel and what we respectively do. She was a journalist and was going to the office after a long trip down south. It didn’t take us long to settle into a long conversations about our likes and dislikes and our hobbies. We started to like each other and she climbed down and sat beside me. We were unbelievably close, and I was beginning to get excited. While narrating an incident, she stared at me to see my response. I just bent a little and kissed her on the lips, and immediately apologized.
“That’s fine.”, she said, and kissed me back.
Soon, we were rolling on each other kissing each other. We played with each other lips and tongues while I tried to strip her. I opened her skirt and t-shirt and began to suck her boobs. She moaned and breathed heavily. Before the momentum lost, I began to finger her pussy and kiss her on the neck. She began to beg me to fuck her. I smoothly put my dick in her wet pussy and started to hump her. I loved the tight feel of her pussy. She asked me to bite her, which I happily did.
“Oh God, can you bite me?”
I didn’t say anything. I bit her nipples.
I bit her so hard this time that I knew there would be marks on her boobs by tomorrow. I also was fucking her pretty fast. She loved it, every time I moved inside her, she would almost shriek, a shriek of pleasure and a little pain.
It didn’t take me long to cum inside her. We lay side by side all night, exhausted. In the morning we exchanged numbers and promised each other to meet again; and continue what we left in the train.

It was a great Sex Story and I had a great time of my life.

Sex with journalist

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